About Us

Reverl is a UK based software company working to create an easy to use, cost effective tool that helps businesses better understand their employees wellbeing needs so that they can deliver exceptional employee wellbeing support.

Built as a tool for HR teams, big and small, Reverl gathers all the data it needs from your employees, analyses it and gives you a monthly report to guide you through the process of improving your employees wellbeing.

Reverl is a simple to use tool that does one thing really well.

No complicated integrations, no dependencies on other systems, no spying on conversations, no cross selling other services; just an easy to use employee wellbeing engagement tool that delivers practical guidance.

Our Mission

Our mission is to help millions of people around the world live happier, healthier lives in which they are fulfilled, productive and valued.

We're doing this by empowering businesses of all sizes to take a proactive approach to improving their employees wellbeing.

Our Founders

Reverl co-founder, James Jones
Reverl co-founder, James Jones
Reverl co-founder, James Jones

James Jones


A serial entrepreneur with a track record of successful ventures in both marketing and FinTech.

Claire Burns


A HR & Wellbeing Consultant that's worked with some of the UK's biggest brands for 15+ years.